Pause Ads

Strategically Halt Underperforming Ads for Enhanced Ad Campaign Performance

Pausing underperforming ads or campaigns in advertising is crucial. This optimizes budget utilization and focuses resources on more effective strategies. Timely suspension improves performance and allows for strategy adaptation to achieve more effective advertising goals.



1. Navigate to the Automation Menu

Go to the Automation section in the left-hand menu and select "Rules," then switch to the "Custom Rules" tab.

2. Select the Platform and Categorize Rules

Choose the desired platform for creating budget increase rules for your advertising campaigns. Categorize these rules using specific names for easier management.

3. Set the action the rule should execute

Choose the 'Pause' action from the menu.

4. Choose the Rule Application Level

Decide at which level of the campaign to apply the rule: Campaign, Ad Set, or Single Ads. In this case, we have used the campaign level.

5. Select the Involved Campaigns

Identify the campaigns where the rule will take effect and select them to apply the changes.

In this example of setting a pause rule, we want to pause all ads that have an unsustainable CPA for the business model

6. Configure the Conditions

The 1st condition checks whether an ad set has at least 1 conversion, otherwise, its CPA will be equal to zero.

7. Set your max CPA

In the 2nd condition edit your CPA value

8. Set minimal spend

In the 3nd condition set the minimum spend after which the rule starts acting.

9. Set the schedule & check your Timezone

Choose the timezone and define how frequently a rule checks the ads, ad sets, and campaigns within the scope of the rule.



You're all set! Now set the rule live ✅