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MisterCMO Subscription Pricing

MisterCMO.com's Innovative Pricing: Flexibility and Accessibility Redefined



In the ever-evolving SaaS landscape, MisterCMO.com stands out as a pivotal player, offering a versatile platform for advertising campaign management. Their pricing structure, embodying flexibility and accessibility, aligns seamlessly with the needs of businesses of varying sizes and nature.

Pricing Structure

MisterCMO.com offers a versatile multi-tier pricing structure tailored for both startups and established enterprises. Creating an account is entirely free, allowing you to set up and manage multiple Projects within it.

Agencies can organize different clients as "Projects" within a single account, while Brands can manage various Markets or Ad Accounts in the same way. More info.

The platform offers three types of projects: Starter, Growth, and Enterprise.

  1. Starter: Free per month. Includes multichannel bulk ad creation, up to 5 A/B testing variations per campaign, AI autopilot, and limited custom rules (up to 2) and campaigns (4 per month). Ads management operates once a day (frequency every 24 hours).

  2. Growth: €149 per month. Provides up to 60 A/B testing variations, more frequent ad management rules (ads management every 2 hours), up to 30 campaigns per month and 15 custom rules.

  3. Enterprise: €999 per month. Offers up to 180 A/B testing variations, campaign and ad management every 15 minutes, unlimited campaigns and custom rules, along with enhanced support and training.

Each plan includes integrations with media channels and all necessary features for campaign creation and campaign management.


Subscription Policy

Subscriptions to MisterCMO.com are billed in advance and are non-refundable. This policy ensures continuous service until the end of the paid subscription period, which lasts for one month. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

In case of cancellation, users should be aware that:

  • The service remains active until the end of the current billing cycle.
  • Post-cancellation, projects created on MisterCMO will be deactivated and become inaccessible.
  • Subscriptions can be renewed up to 15 days after the expiration date, offering a grace period for reconsideration.
  • If the subscription is not renewed within this grace period, the project, along with all its contents including integrations, campaign history, and custom rules, will be permanently deleted.

This policy highlights the importance of careful subscription management, ensuring that users make informed decisions regarding their subscription commitments.

Terms and Conditions

Users of MisterCMO.com agree to the Terms and Conditions of the service, which include responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and compliance with the platform's usage policies.


MisterCMO.com positions itself as an ideal SaaS solution for businesses seeking a customizable and scalable service. Their pricing structure and flexible terms emphasize the company's commitment to accessibility for a broad spectrum of users, from small businesses to large corporations. With their policy of openness and transparency, MisterCMO.com is dedicated to providing exceptional service, adapting to the dynamic needs of the digital environment.