How to Increase budget with Custom Rules

Learn how to build a simple custom rule to increase the budget, based on a target metric value

Let's scale! Scaling advertising campaigns efficiently is crucial for success. With MisterCMO, you can automate budget increases based on specific parameters to optimize your campaign performances.


1. Navigate to the Automation Menu

Go to the Automation section in the left-hand menu and select "Rules," then switch to the "Custom Rules" tab.

2. Select the Platform and Categorize Rules

Choose the desired platform for creating budget increase rules for your advertising campaigns. Categorize these rules using specific names for easier management.


3. Set Scaling Strategy

Set up the scalability strategy. For instance, this rule can increase the campaign budget by 20% every 2 hours. Customize this strategy according to your preferences.


4. Choose the Rule Application Level

Decide at which level of the campaign to apply the rule: Campaign, Ad Set, or Single Ads. In this case, we have used the campaign level.


5. Select the Involved Campaigns

Identify the campaigns where you want the rule to take effect and select them for applying the changes.

5. Configure the Conditions

Modify the first condition: set a minimum number of conversions. Make sure not to set a too low number. A low number of conversions might not be sufficient to validate an ad set for scalability.


5. Set the Metric Value

Edit the second condition: input the desired Metric value, for instance Cost Per Purchase.


5. Set the schedule & check your Timezone

Choose the timezone and define how frequently a rule checks the ads, ad sets, and campaigns within the scope of the rule.



You're all set! Now set the rule live ✅