Decrease Budget type rules

Learn how to decrease budgets for low performing ads to make sure the ad spend is not wasted on low-performing campaigns.

Decreasing the budget for your ad campaigns is a crucial task when it comes to managing your advertising budget and ensuring that you allocate your resources effectively. With MisterCMO's automated rules, you can effortlessly reduce your campaign budgets based on specific conditions and triggers.

Please find some more rule examples below:

Based on Pixel Purchase

Let's assume you are running multiple campaign and your KPI is measured in cost per purchase. You want to decrease the budget for each campaign that has a cost per purchase higher than 20$ today and where today's CPM is greater than €10 compared to yesterday's CPM. The logic could look something like this:

Decrease budget by 20% IF

Cost per website purchase Today > $20


Today's CPM is > €10 compared to yesterday's CPM


In MisterCMO, you can "nest" conditions, which enable complex automation logic for ads aiming at several targets simultaneously. Let's say you're running an e-commerce campaign with KPIs measured in CPM, ROAS, Conversion Rate, and CPA. You want to decrease the budget for ad sets that show low performance based on these three independent metrics. The logic could look something like this:

Decrease budget by 20% IF

Spend Today > $100 and

CPM Today > $40 and

CR Today < 5


Spend Today > $100 and

Website purchases Today > 0 and

CPA Today > $30

This rule decreases the ad sets' budget based on two groups of conditions. Now if an ad set meets either of these two groups of conditions, the action will be taken. In this case, the budget will be decreased if the ad set has the CPM above $40, and the CR today is less than 5 or if the CPA today is over $30.

Note: please make sure you customize the max frequency cap for your Decrease budget task to control how often the rule can change the budget with regard to the same ad set or campaign: